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Make it Unique: A Proposal to Last a Lifetime

by Craig

A marriage proposal signals the start of your life together, so you want it to be something she’ll remember forever. Dinner at a fancy restaurant, while nice, has been overdone. Ditto on the ring in a bread roll or glass of champagne. And proposing in front of her family on Christmas Eve could lead to disastrous results if she’s not ready. So skip the traditional route and go for something that is unique to the two of you. For example:

1. The top of the Empire State building. Although it’s been used for filmic couplings from An Affair to Remember to Sleepless In Seattle, that doesn’t make it any less romantic. Head to the top of this iconic tower after dinner and a Broadway show and it’s bound to be a toss-up as to which sparkles more; the lights of the city, the ring, or her eyes.

2. At a sporting event. This is a calculated risk, especially if your team is losing, but you just can’t beat professing your endless love on the jumbo-tron in front of 100,000 fans (and possibly millions of TV viewers). And thanks to Tivo, it’s a day she’s sure to remember.

3. Make it a game. If you’re comfortable with technology, create an online game just for her. Make a one-level flash game with you and her as characters (think something like Donkey Kong, where you jump over obstacles to rescue her). At the end, have a screen showing you giving her a ring, at which point, you’ll give her the real ring. If a game is too tough, just make a flash video. You can even post it on YouTube and send her a link in concert with a special delivery of the actual ring.

4. Host a scavenger hunt. Start the day with a note on her pillow that leads her on a hunt for you. Have each hint lead her to a spot that has been special to the two of you. End at the location of your first date (you may need to employ the help of a mutual friend to tag along and tell you when she’s getting close). Then turn on a boom-box that’s playing your song (substitute Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” if nothing else comes to mind) and get to one knee with the ring and the last note: Will You Marry Me?

5. Use your pooch. If you share a dog, invest in a training course that will teach him to fetch. Then take him to the dog park with your sweetie, throw a ball, and have him bring back the engagement ring box (again , you may need to have a friend hiding out to make sure the dog brings back the right object). The puppy will soften her up and the ring will melt her heart.

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