emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

Cat + Gorgeous Oval Diamond = Most Adorable Proposal Ever!

Adiamor customers are the best! We customized R2834 especially for this gorgeous 2.26 ct Excellent cut I VS2 oval cut diamond. The result was wonderful, but what really makes this story special was the proposal!

Our customer sent this adorable picture of a cat wearing the engagement ring tied to a bow around its neck, as well as a picture of the ring in the box and on her hand. When we inquired about the cat, our client said that he tried to use the cat in the proposal, but the cat did not really cooperate. It kept trying to get the bow off, and did not walk near her or jump on her, like our customer had hoped.  (Anyone who has ever had a cat will know that sometimes felines do not do what you want them to do.)

Cat and Oval Diamond Engagement Ring
Cat and Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

Eventually she noticed the cat, and worried that it was choking. Our customer had to give her the cat and reassure her that it was just a bow he tied on. Once she started undoing the bow, she finally noticed the ring!  Our client said that “the ring was a great success. She loves it and thought it was perfect. Whew! I owe a lot (most) of that to you because you helped me pick out the ring, so thank you!”

Thank you for the pictures, you made our day!

Oval Diamond Engagement Ring on Hand
Oval Diamond Engagement Ring on Hand
Oval Diamond Engagement Ring in Box
Oval Diamond Engagement Ring in Box
emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

Styles We Love for Valentine’s Day!

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we are loving romantic jewelry. Vintage touches like engraving and the warmth of rose gold are our inspirations of the season!

Check out some of our favorites for a dreamy Valentine’s Day!

R2932, the twisted pave halo, and the wedding band R2941 in rose gold.
R2932, the twisted pave halo, and the wedding band R2941 in rose gold.

Combining the golden blush tones of rose gold with a twisted, vine-like design, this set of rings is perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Custom Men's Band with Black Diamonds paired with R2929 in rose gold.
Custom Men’s Band with Black Diamonds paired with R2929 in rose gold.

This matching set includes a split shank engagement ring, R2929, and a custom built men’s band with black diamonds, which add a touch of masculine edge to the rose gold design. What a great pair!

Stay tuned for more of our favorites!

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emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

A Wintery English New Year’s Proposal!

Cushion cut engagement ring from Adiamor.
Cushion Cut Engagement Ring in our lovely ring box.

We just received these lovely pictures from one of our wonderful customers! Lawrence proposed to his beautiful fiance this past New Year’s in a British country house- on the same couch where they met 3 years earlier! We couldn’t ask for a more adorable couple or a more beautiful ring.

Adiamor cushion cut engagment ring on hand.
R2900 in platinum with a cushion cut diamond which was around 1.50 ct on her hand.

Here is their story in Lawrence’s own words:

My fiance and I work for the same company, her in the London office and me in NJ.  Just over 3 years ago, we met for the first time and really connected the next day on a company retreat to the Danesfield House in Marlow-on-Thames.  The entire division had a cocktail hour and a sit-down dinner.  When it was over, we all enjoyed drinks until later in the night.  At one point we found ourselves alone on a couch while everyone else was sitting in a circle together on the opposite side of the room.  We of course were called back to the main group but began dating shortly after.

Fast forward to this past New Year.  I knew I wanted to propose to her at the Danesfield House on the very same couch.  They were hosting a New Year’s Eve Black & White Gala so I only told her we were going to a B&W Gala event but didn’t say where.  I arranged for a cab to pick us up and instructed the driver not to announce the destination.  I knew she would figure it out along the way at some point and she did – she said her heart jumped.  We attended a champagne reception in the room with our special couch and then moved to another for dinner.  However, I noticed they intended to bring us back into that room to bring in the new year with live entertainment so I had to ask her before dinner concluded.  I lured her back to the room to check on the champagne we ordered and on the way back to our table for dessert I asked her to sit on our couch for fun.  I said a few words and then – one of the staff walked by and asked if we were OK and needed help!!!  After shooing him away, I finished what I wanted to say and asked her to marry me, to which she said yes.  She later said she was always a bit nervous about not liking her engagement ring when her day came but she was absolutely thrilled with it and couldn’t stop smiling.  She is getting amazing compliments from everyone who sees it.

Adiamor couple's proposal.
A New Year’s Engagement in England.

Thank you for sharing your pictures and adorable proposal with us, Lawrence! We are so happy to have been a part of your story.

emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

Should You Propose on Vacation?

Like anyone trying to come up with a way to pop the big question, you want it to be special and memorable, not to mention impressive enough to solicit a “yes”. And when you consider that it worked for Wills and Kate (he proposed during their holiday in Kenya), you might feel more confident about working the question into your plans (although of course, William’s proposal came with an iconic ring and a royal title, to boot). In any case, a vacation could provide for the perfect set of circumstances when it comes to pledging your devotion to your partner and asking for the same in return.

Think about it this way; the stresses of daily life could lead to bad decisions, especially of the impulse variety. If you catch your partner after an awful day at work, it could color the way your proposal is answered. A “no” could be a knee-jerk reaction made out of frustration and anger (not even aimed at you) while a yes could be impulsive and intended to sweep other feelings under the rug for a while. On the other hand, a vacation should leave your love relaxed and ready to give your question the full attention and deliberation it deserves, so the answer you get will be honest.

In addition, a vacation offers you a wide range of options when it comes to doing the deed. Whereas you might normally resort to such tried-and-true tactics as taking your partner to the restaurant where you had your first date, an exotic locale gives you the opportunity to arrange for something really special. Your honey is probably already expecting a little adventure, so you could consider proposing at the top of a mountain after a long hike, with the beauty of nature as your backdrop. Or you might arrange for a private dinner on a beach, pop the question while visiting a famous museum (in front of a notoriously romantic piece of art), or even flash the ring during a skydiving excursion.

The possibilities are endless and a vacation proposal will only make the trip that much more special. Plus, it will give you both a few days to bask in the swell of love that you’re bound to feel immediately after becoming engaged (without a bunch of family and friends crowding your intimate moment with well-meaning offers of congratulations).

emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

Hiring a Proposal Planner

If you’ve been racking your brains to come up with a way to ask for your honey’s hand in marriage but you continue to fall short despite your best effort, then perhaps you simply aren’t cut out for the demands of planning a truly spectacular proposal. In this case, you may want to do what you can to create a lasting impression by hiring someone who does this sort of thing for a living. Sometimes the best you can do is to hire the best! Here are just a few things such a professional can help you with.

1. Choosing the ring. Before you can even think about asking for someone’s hand in marriage you ought to be prepared with a ring to seal the deal. A planner can ask you pertinent questions to find out what your partner likes in order to help you choose the perfect ring to ensure that the answer to your burning question is a resounding yes.

2. Location. Once you have the ring in hand, you’ll want to choose a locale for the proposal that is special to your special someone. It could be a sporting arena, the restaurant where you had your first date, or even a world-famous monument. As long as the location puts your honey in the mood for love, it could be considered an excellent spot to pop the big question.

3. Setting. Not to be confused with location, the setting includes both the ambiance surrounding your proposal as well as who else is present. You’ll need to decide if the deed should be done in front of a room full of strangers, a flash mob, your closest family and friends, or if it should be just the two of you. A planner can help you choose the best option for you and your soon-to-be-betrothed.

4. Timing. Knowing when to propose is almost as important as knowing where and how to propose. Here, again, a proposal planner can help you. Perhaps your significant other is stressed out at work, essentially creating a bad atmosphere for a proposal. Maybe you’ll want to plan a little vacay to ensure that your partner has a clear head and good attitude (as a way to up the odds of success).

5. Wardrobe. A marriage proposal is a life-changing moment. In fact, it could be seen as a moment of clarity in some cases, in which your future is laid out before you. So do you really think it’s appropriate to show up for such a crucial moment wearing ragged, ripped jeans and a faded concert tee? You probably do, don’t you? That’s why you need a proposal planner.

emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

Weddings are for Brides; Proposals for Grooms

Once you become an adult, it seems like there are a lot less opportunities for truly spectacular events in your life. When you’re a kid you have birthdays, holidays, and breaks from school to look forward to. As an adult, it’s just day after day of going to work, cleaning the house, and hopefully getting some free time on the weekend for a little R&R. Birthdays and holidays lose their luster, melting together into a blur of feasting and gifting (except maybe when you enter a new decade and decide to do something cool, like take a cruise or host a huge party). So when it comes to preparing for a wedding, it is a big deal! It’s a celebration of love that will involve all of your family and friends, which is why it’s really too bad that the groom is largely left out of the planning process.

Let’s face it: women take over wedding plans. Maybe the groom wants to help and maybe he doesn’t, but the truth is that he probably won’t even get the chance. If he’s lucky, he’ll get to pick his own tux (as long as it matches the wedding colors) and the best man (as long as it isn’t someone the bride hates). In short, men are virtually excluded from participating in one of the biggest events in their adult lives. Somehow it doesn’t seem entirely fair.

Luckily, there is one portion of the process where the groom is allowed to shine, and that is during the proposal. You may not have much input after she says yes and dons the engagement ring, but the manner in which you choose to propose is entirely up to you, and you have the opportunity to make the event special and memorable. This means you should probably make a real effort rather than simply phoning it in with a nice dinner that ends with you on one knee.

Sporting events are popular, as are parties that allow you to propose in front of a massive group of friends and family (but you’d better be sure she’ll say yes if you go this route). You can also keep it between just the two of you. Has she always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower? Take her on a whirlwind trip to Paris and propose at the top of this iconic structure. The point is, make it your own and make it something she’ll love. Put some thought into your proposal because honestly, it’s your big moment in the marriage arena and you want to give it all you’ve got!

emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

Molly Sims Gets the Brass (or Diamond) Ring

Supermodel extraordinaire Molly Sims may be best known for flashing her smile in ads for Cover Girl, and her other assets on the pages of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues, but it was an engagement ring she got spotted flashing over the weekend while out her new fiancé, producer Scott Stuber. The couple has been together for a year and a half and apparently she’s been waiting for the right one, because unbelievably, this will be wedding number one for the 38-year-old model/actress (Stuber is on number two).

The ring itself is a gorgeous Diane von Furstenberg creation that Sims’ soon-to-be hubby helped to create (he has apparently been working on it for several months with top designers at DVF). Unfortunately, Sims has reported only that she has no idea how big her brand new rock is, but the carat count has got to be pretty high. Not only is the central stone easily upwards of three carats (with what looks to be a cushion cut), but there are also the stones in the pave halo and those around the band to consider. It’s no Kardashian, but it certainly has some heft.

However, the ring pales in comparison to the actual proposal. He not only gave her a huge rock, which the starlet says she can’t stop looking at, but he also made the occasion even more special by flying her parents in to help them celebrate. Sims told reporters that they were waiting in the kitchen when she came downstairs after the proposal. Aww! Not only does this man have excellent taste in jewelry, he’s also a total sweetheart! Yup, he’s a keeper.

And Sims seems to be over the moon, gushing about how surprised she was and proclaiming that she is excited that she gets to keep the gorgeous rock. She may not be a spring chicken anymore, especially not in the world of fashion, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be a blushing bride. The only question now is: will the wedding be in Las Vegas?

emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

How to Get the Engagement Ring You Want

It can be pretty hard sometimes to sit back and let your man make an important decision that could affect you for the rest of your life. We’re not talking about the proposal here; we’re talking about the ring! Since you’re the one who has to wear it (proudly?) for the next several decades, it definitely behooves you to ensure that you get the one you want. But how can you impart that information without making him feel like you’re pushing? Here are a few ways.

1. Drop hints. Sometimes men can be pretty thick, so you might have to be persistent. But by leaving web pages with rings open on your desktop (so that he’ll see them), strategically placing photos of rings where he’ll find them (with post-it notes detailing what you like), and even pointing out your faves in diamond-store windows while you’re out, you can hopefully give him the clues he needs to pick the perfect ring.

2. Enlist the aid of other women. Traditionalists may not be into picking the ring with their man. In this case, simply tell your female friends or family members what you like so that they can offer advice when your boyfriend is ready to pop the big question.

3. Tell him you want to design it yourself. If you’re a bit bolder, you could let your man know that you’re not pushing, but when the time comes, you want a custom-made creation to wear on your ring finger. This will not only let him off the hook for choosing a ring, it will also ensure that you get exactly what you want (and that it’s one-of-a-kind).

4. Use an heirloom. If you have an heirloom ring that’s just perfect, and you and your boyfriend have been discussing marriage, hand it over to him to use for the proposal. Just leave the details and the timing up to him, so he still has the opportunity to sweep you off your feet in his own way.

5. Buy it yourself. This is a very modern sentiment, but more and more girls are opting to get the ring of their dreams after the proposal (and on their own terms). If this is your plan, you should let your man know so that he doesn’t end up buying a ring you’ll never wear (that he is unable to return).

emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

The Art of Preparing a Flawless Proposal

When planning to propose, most guys will either go for the obvious (a candlelit dinner that ends with him on one knee) or rack their brains (and empty their wallets) trying to come up with something amazing that’s never been done before. The truth is, you don’t have to opt for either of these extremes. If you know the woman you love, you can easily come up with a proposal plan that will wow her without resorting to over-the-top antics (or phoning it in with a checkered tablecloth and a ridiculously long spaghetti noodle). Here are just a few ways to prepare for a flawless proposal.

1. Consider her preferences. Does she live life like she’s on a stage? Then maybe a proposal in front of her family or at a sporting event is the way to go. But if she’s like most women, she’ll want the occasion to be intimate, so think about creative ways to get her alone.

2. Listen to what she says. Women will often tell you exactly what they expect if you just open your ears and pay attention. Did she fall in love with the bedroom proposal from the movie Stepmom (the ring on a string)? Or has she told you that she always pictured herself receiving a ring at the top of the Eiffel Tower? Your lady will likely drop hints here and there, so make sure you’re listening when she does.

3. Ask for help. You might be surprised by all of the creative ideas your friends and family come up with on your behalf. And if all else fails, go to the internet. There is an absolute wealth of information on interesting ways to propose. You’re guaranteed to find at least one that is perfect.

4. Go all out. You don’t need to break the bank when you propose (since you’ll probably need that money for the ring or the wedding), but you should do everything you can to make it a special event since you only plan to do it once. This doesn’t necessarily entail added expense, but it will require you to use your imagination and come up with a plan that is as unique and memorable as the woman you’re proposing to.

5. Practice makes perfect. If you think there’s a good chance you’ll falter once you get to the starting line, practice what you’re going to say. You shouldn’t memorize it word-for-word (you don’t necessarily want it to sound rehearsed), but get down the basic gist of what you want to say before you take a knee.