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Should You Propose on Vacation?

by Craig

Like anyone trying to come up with a way to pop the big question, you want it to be special and memorable, not to mention impressive enough to solicit a “yes”. And when you consider that it worked for Wills and Kate (he proposed during their holiday in Kenya), you might feel more confident about working the question into your plans (although of course, William’s proposal came with an iconic ring and a royal title, to boot). In any case, a vacation could provide for the perfect set of circumstances when it comes to pledging your devotion to your partner and asking for the same in return.

Think about it this way; the stresses of daily life could lead to bad decisions, especially of the impulse variety. If you catch your partner after an awful day at work, it could color the way your proposal is answered. A “no” could be a knee-jerk reaction made out of frustration and anger (not even aimed at you) while a yes could be impulsive and intended to sweep other feelings under the rug for a while. On the other hand, a vacation should leave your love relaxed and ready to give your question the full attention and deliberation it deserves, so the answer you get will be honest.

In addition, a vacation offers you a wide range of options when it comes to doing the deed. Whereas you might normally resort to such tried-and-true tactics as taking your partner to the restaurant where you had your first date, an exotic locale gives you the opportunity to arrange for something really special. Your honey is probably already expecting a little adventure, so you could consider proposing at the top of a mountain after a long hike, with the beauty of nature as your backdrop. Or you might arrange for a private dinner on a beach, pop the question while visiting a famous museum (in front of a notoriously romantic piece of art), or even flash the ring during a skydiving excursion.

The possibilities are endless and a vacation proposal will only make the trip that much more special. Plus, it will give you both a few days to bask in the swell of love that you’re bound to feel immediately after becoming engaged (without a bunch of family and friends crowding your intimate moment with well-meaning offers of congratulations).

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