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The Most Popular Engagement Ring

by Craig

It can be extremely difficult to pinpoint any one style that is the most popular, since popularity is an ever-shifting chameleon of taste and trend. It’s easy to expound upon the most traditional ring (the standard Tiffany solitaire) or the most popular rings of an era (our grandparents’ generation preferred platinum bands with enclosed settings while our parents often chose yellow gold bands with prongs to prominently display deep-cut diamonds). But when it comes to choosing THE most popular engagement ring, you’re going to need to set some parameters.

For example, the most popular engagement ring of all time would generally be agreed to be the platinum solitaire. It includes only a band of platinum and a single, colorless (or nearly colorless) diamond that tends to be round in cut. Decades of women have gratefully uttered “Yes!” when offered this classic setting and you really can’t go wrong in selecting such a simple and traditional ring. And of course, if she prefers something else down the line, you can simply reset the stone.

As for what has been the most popular in 2010, even that can be a bit difficult to pinpoint, with so many different trends gaining ground. If you look at celebrity engagement rings, you might see a lot of colored stones (the soon-to-be Princess Catherine is currently sporting Diana’s famous sapphire ring while Jessica Simpson opted for a ruby as her central stone). However, you should never place too much longevity in stones other than diamonds because color trends change so quickly. Even pink and yellow diamonds go in and out of fashion pretty fast.

You could also look to media trends for a bit of advice in the engagement ring department. For example, one of the most popular movies of the year, Twilight: Eclipse, features an engagement ring given to Bella by Edward that is extremely unique (an oval face covered in diamond chips). But this oddball fashion isn’t likely to last long, and in reality, it was concocted to suit the tastes of the characters (and not too many of us will be receiving rings from hundred-year-old vampires anytime soon, no matter how much we want to join the Cullen clan).

Other than that, the rings that speak to a year in diamonds tend to be of the pave variety, which is exemplified by a central stone surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds (and often set in a diamond-studded band). The round cut, as always, rules supreme (although square or other cuts are also available) and colorless diamonds are the (ahem) diamond standard. However, before you choose what is most popular, take the time to consider what your fiancé really wants. She has to wear it, so make sure you take her personal taste into account when you select the perfect ring.

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