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The Wide World of Diamond Necklaces

by Craig

In case you didn’t know, there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a diamond necklace. But the two main categories pertaining to frosting the neckline of your lady love are diamond necklaces and pendants. To most people, these probably sound like the same thing, but there is a difference and if you plan to purchase some diamond décor to accent her décolletage, then it pays to know just what you’re getting.

For starters, the diamond necklace has a lot more diamonds. Like a strand of pearls, this style of neckwear generally consists of a string of diamond studs that encircles the entire neck. Of course, it could also be a collar that has some sort of elaborate design, but generally speaking, it is a single line of diamonds, often in a fairly short length (choker or a bit longer). If you opt for this type of necklace, you will want to follow a couple of rules. First, don’t go overboard with the size of the rocks unless you want the necklace to wear her instead of the other way around. Next, because you’re choosing smaller stones, you must make sure that they are of the highest quality. Each one should be color matched and extremely brilliant so that they sparkle nicely but one doesn’t outdo the others.

When it comes to pendants, just the opposite is true. You’ll definitely want a larger stone since it will have to stand alone. Although it never hurts to go as close to colorless as possible, it’s not quite as important with a single stone since it doesn’t have any companions to compare it to. In addition, while small stones should be round-cut to display the best brilliance, a larger stone will draw attention even if it’s not quite as bright, and an interesting cut can even serve to make the piece more appealing. So in this case, clarity and carat are far more important. A larger stone will show more flaws, especially if it sports a cut with a large table (flat surface on the top), so a stone with minimal flaws is ideal.

Of course, you could also opt for a combination of the two. Take for example the Hope Diamond, which displays both a large central pendant and a string of diamond studs. It takes the right type of woman (and event) to pull off this combination without looking over the top, but if you simply can’t decide between the diamond necklace and the pendant, this could be a compromise to please any woman.

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