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When did Men Start Wearing Wedding Rings? Overview of Men’s Wedding Rings + a few Popular Styles

by Ansley
Men's Wedding Band

It’s no secret that mens wedding rings have become a norm in modern-day society. I mean, some of the rings for men today can even make a women’s wedding band look dull in comparison. However, mens rings weren’t always something that married men would wear. Believe it or not, there was actually a time where men never wore rings, despite their marital status. So how did we get to male wedding band trend of now? Well actually, it’s a pretty unique story.

In this article, we’re going to delve into a brief overview of the history of male wedding bands. We’re going to cover everything from it’s origins to the popular styles of today to give you a better insight into how the trends of wedding bands have truly changed over the years. 

Mens Wedding Rings Throughout History

To start, when we look back in history, it’s easy to see how times have changed in regards to wedding rings for men. It started from the absence of a ring altogether and quickly grew into a must-have for men of today. But when did that change truly occur? Honestly, the furthest back we can truly set the start of a male and female wedding band tradition to was around the 16th and 17th centuries. This tradition started in Europe with a ring style known as the Gimmel. 

Gimmel Rings

Now, Gimmel rings weren’t your typical individual wedding bands. These ring styles actually consisted of two interlocking bands that both the man and the woman would wear after they were engaged. However, at the wedding, the male figure would place his half of the ring on the brides finger to represent the merging of their love. This was no doubt symbolic, but it also once again left the man without a wedding ring. So when did the equal distribution of rings really start? Surprisingly, it wasn’t until the 20th century around the start of the war that the tradition of male wedding rings seems to have really begun. 

The war and it’s Influence on Wedding Rings

During the war, soldiers often carried rings with them to connect them to their wives. A ring could help them remember what they had waiting for them at home, and could even keep them fighting against all odds. Not only that, but it represented a love held together by undying loyalty, despite the time and space between. And for that reason, it gained it’s true value through fierce and dedicated love.

So once the war had calmed down and the Great Depression had passed, production of matching wedding rings for the bride and groom increased greatly. This was quickly followed by double-ring ceremonies increasing in popularity, soon making up 80% of all registered weddings of the time. By the 1950s, the concept of both the bride and groom giving a ring to their partner was widely popular in society.

However, even with the start of the rise of male rings after the war, their design and quality were minuscule. At this time, male rings were usually just a band of metal with no decoration or true monetary value. In comparison to today, grooms are spoiled beyond words in terms of the luxury and depth of their wedding bands.

Popular Mens Ring Styles

Okay, now that we’ve talked a little bit about the history of male wedding bands, what about some of the most popular styles? While all wedding bands are truly unique, here are two of some of the most sought-after styles that you may want to consider for your partner. 

1. Black Rhodium Matte Finish Wedding Band

To start, this style is a classic wedding band with a 6mm width with a matte black rhodium finish. This matte finish wedding band design may seem simple, but its quality and durability go a long way. And while it would be a great ring for anyone, it is a truly perfect selection for someone not looking to display too much flare on their finger. 

2. 6MM Black Diamond Eternity Wedding Band

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adiamor Rose gold mens bands

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a ring with a little extra pizzazz, the Black Diamond Eternity Band might be for you. Made with platinum metals, this is a band truly set in the stars for a one-of-a-kind love and will shine just as bright.

However, if you decide the above rings aren’t your style, fear not; there’s plenty more to browse on our site. You can check out more two-tone wedding bands, dual finish bands, and more here on adiamor.com

In conclusion, there are many unique styles on the market when it comes to mens wedding rings. From plain black to jewel banded rings, the styles are endless, and it is hard to believe that the extravagant designs of today come from such humble beginnings. In the end, the creation of mens wedding rings was a truly symbolic addition to our society. Men truly deserve to feel just as special as any bride does. Therfore, if you’re looking for a ring for that special man in your ife, remember it’s orgins when picking. If you do, we can promise you will find a truly one-of-a-kind ring for your partner that will make him feel like he’s the only man in the world.

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