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5 Things To Know About Platinum Engagement Rings

by Chris W

When choosing an engagement ring, it is important to select the right metal. This is doubly important when designing a unique engagement ring. Not only do you want to match her style, you also have to consider how her tastes will evolve. For many brides to be, the best choice in engagement ring metals is platinum. While yellow gold is traditional and rose gold continues to be popular, platinum rings have many benefits. Not sure if platinum engagement rings are right for you? Take a look at these five things to know before buying a platinum engagement ring!

platinum engagement ring

A platinum halo engagement ring

  1. Platinum is a “noble metal”. This means that it is very pure, typically about 95% pure platinum when used for the creation of jewelry. Additionally, platinum’s other noble qualities include being hypoallergenic. This means people who are allergic to gold or silver have the perfect option in for ring settings.
  2. Platinum is one of the rarest metals on earth. In fact, platinum is even more rare than diamonds! Currently, it is actively mined in the Ural Mountains of Russia, Colombia, South Africa and Canada.
  3. In addition to being extremely rare, platinum is also extremely durable. Unlike gold, which can thin out over the years, platinum engagement rings will not lose volume from scratches or polishing. Because of platinum’s hardness, it is therefore ideal for jewelry use such as engagement rings and wedding bands.
  4. As a naturally white metal, platinum has a silver color that is reminiscent of white gold or highly polished sterling silver. The name “platinum” comes from the Spanish word platina, which translates to mean “little silver”. The color makes platinum a versatile jewelry choice that works well with any style.
  5. As a noble metal, platinum is one of the least reactive metals available to jewelers. Because of this, platinum will not corrode nor is it susceptible to heat damage. This makes platinum a terrific choice for an engagement ring or wedding bands as it can withstand daily wear.

While other wedding trends come and go, platinum has been a jewelry staple since the 17th century. With its combination of beauty, durability, and scarcity, platinum engagement rings are the perfect choice for your beloved. Browse the Adiamor selection of platinum rings today, or take a look at our Engagement Ring Metals guide today to learn more before deciding.

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