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Classic Pearls: Why a Strand of These Beauties Belongs in Your Collection

by Craig

There are certain items that should be part of every woman’s jewelry collection: diamonds studs, a flashy cocktail ring, and of course, a string of pearls. You may think that this classic adornment is only suitable for the geriatric set, but you couldn’t be more wrong. While chunky pearls should stay firmly rooted in the Donna Reed era, a nice, long string of small white pearls can complement any outfit (not to mention class it up a bit). Gone are the days when pearls could only be worn to a funeral, the opera, or a black-tie affair. With today’s fashion trends, you can literally wear pearls with almost any fashionable ensemble.

You may have noticed that the modern woman is wearing some longer items on top. From t-shirts to cardigans to tunics, items that elongate your torso are definitely in. And pearls are a great way to add to this lengthening look. A long string of pearls can be worn as is, tied in a knot (that falls at about your midsection), or you can tie a cute little ribbon on the side for a dash of color. You can even secure one side to your t-shirt with a pretty brooch to keep the string from swinging around too much (this is an especially good idea if you’re ample of bosom). In short, there are tons of ways to make pearls casual and cute.

Of course, they are also an excellent choice if you need a look that’s slightly more sophisticated. Wear them for a night out with a nice top and a jacket or pair them with a colorful little cocktail dress. If you are wearing something belted, you may want to loop a long string around your neck two or three times to shorten the strand so one accessory doesn’t compete with another. Or you could simply go with a choker instead (which looks particularly stunning if your dress is strapless. And any black-tie event practically demands pearls (go with a sleek black sheath dress for a look that’s particularly stark and stunning).

No matter what you wear, day or night, pearls can absolutely be paired with any outfit. And if you subscribe to a number of fashion magazines, you’re sure to discover a lot of different ways to make your strand work with whatever you’re wearing. So don’t be shy when you head out the door! Throw on some pearls for a look that’s hip and pulled together, and watch your confidence level rise.

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