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Rose Gold Engagement Rings: Fashionable for Men and Women

by Craig

Women’s Fashion and the Rose Gold Trend

dia3Since the advent of the 21st century, women’s fashion has become a combination of styles and trends from the past, more or less. The power suit is gone while lace and chiffon have made a comeback.  Opposing patterns and colors that at one time clashed somehow match now. Color-blocking, which is the practice of wearing two or three entirely different shades in the same outfit, is now completely acceptable.

When it comes to jewelry, it might be accurate to say that rose gold is a result of color blocking.  This lovely shade of metal is created when two different metals are combined: copper and gold. You may have noticed that rose gold engagement rings have become all the rage recently…  perhaps because this shade of metal offers unique character and elegance that will surely outlast any trend!

Options For Rose Gold Engagement Rings

dia1As the name suggests, rose gold has a pink hue which gives the metal its vintage appearance (even when the ring is brand new). Rose gold is a popular choice for an engagement ring, not only because of its’ unique appearance, but this warm and subtle shade looks stunning on any skin tone.  If you’re considering a rose gold engagement ring, take a look at our French Cut Halo Setting for a Square Diamond, Pave Knife Edge Engagement Setting, or our 1/2 Ct. TW, 3-Prong Diamond Engagement Setting.

“Warm Bodies” Star Teresa Palmer’s Rose Gold Engagement Ring

teresa palmerTeresa Palmer has been in a number of fantasy-themed young adult movies like “Warm Bodies,” “I Am Number Four” and “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.”  The pregnant star recently became the recipient of a pave set rose gold ring featuring an oval rose quartz crystal at the center, which, she explained on Twitter, was “the stone of the heart.”

A Brief History of Rose Gold

Originally called Russian gold, rose gold can be traced back to 19th century Russia, which spread to America via Cartier in the early 1920’s. Interlocking tri-color bands, such as the set seen below, are actually known as Russian wedding rings.

dia2Rose Gold Rings for Men

Today, rose gold is making a comeback for men.  If you’re considering a rose gold wedding ring for the future groom, we have several elegant options to select from, including our Two-Tone Men’s Cutout Band or our Two-Tone Rose Etched Men’s Band.

When most people look back on what they wore in their high school yearbook, they often wonder “What was I thinking?!” However, the rose gold trend will never be a decision that you’ll regret looking back on. Rose Gold is an excellent choice for anyone that desires to make a statement that will last a lifetime.

Take a look at our selection of elegant rose gold engagement rings today!


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Esther Howard October 10, 2013 - 12:13 pm

Amazing! That was an elegant look fashion rings. But what I like the most is the Rose Gold Engagement Ring. Because it has a pink hue that appears the vintage look. It is so dainty that it would be perfect for me!


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