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Popular Styles of Men’s Wedding Rings

by Chris W

Last month, we posted a blog about how to choose a man’s wedding ring which we hope was helpful. However, one element that we did not discuss was a breakdown of the different styles of men’s wedding rings available on the market. In order to make the process of selecting a men’s wedding band even easier, this month we are tackling the subject. Check out these popular styles of men’s wedding rings to see if any of these match your man’s look.

Traditional Men’s Wedding Bands

yellow gold men's wedding ring

A traditional men’s wedding ring in yellow gold

The classic men’s wedding ring is a simple band that contains no diamonds or additional details. Typically, these traditional wedding rings for men are made in either plain gold or platinum. While yellow gold is the more traditional choice, some men do prefer the look of white gold. Additionally, as the color continues to gain popularity amongst both sexes, 14k and 18k rose gold wedding rings are available for men as well.

Diamond Wedding Rings For Men

platinum diamond wedding band for men

A men’s diamond wedding band in platinum

Men’s rings also now frequently feature diamonds, too. With a variety of styles ranging from single diamond bands to channel set diamond rings, men have nearly as many choices as women do these days. With men’s wedding rings available in yellow gold, white gold, and platinum, there are plenty of choices available to suit the style of any man.

Contemporary Men’s Wedding Rings

rose gold men's wedding ring

Men’s wedding rings are now available in 18k rose gold

Finally, for men who prefer to add more flair to their rings, there are a number of options with contemporary design details. From masculine braids and milgrain accents to multiple finishes and even multiple metal tones, the variety of men’s wedding bands on the market allows every man to express his personality.

These days, men have more options for wedding rings than ever. At Adiamor, our varied selection of men’s wedding rings are designed to help you demonstrate your sense of style. To learn more about men’s wedding rings, visit our Wedding Ring Guide today.

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