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When Should You Upgrade An Engagement Ring?

by Chris W

The steps to a successful marriage begin in the early stages of a relationship. Each person learns how their personality fits together with their loved one. While couples grow together and decide to get married, there is unfortunately a great amount of stress that can be caused by wedding itself. From choosing a location and whittling down guest lists to cake tasting and selecting a caterer, there is simply a lot of decisions to made and a budget to stay within. However, some couples decide early on that they will make the most of what they have. In some cases this means choosing a more modest engagement ring in order to put more money towards wedding expenses. More often than not, these couples will decide to upgrade an engagement ring once money isn’t so tight. Deciding when this upgrade is appropriate is often up for debate.

3 Row Pave Engagement Ring

3 Row Pave Engagement Ring in 18K Rose Gold

Upgrade An Engagement Ring As An Anniversary Gift

The most popular way to upgrade an engagement ring is to give a more luxurious ring as an anniversary gift. Traditional anniversary gifts are based on the number of years of marriage, but these are not exactly cut and dry. You may not want to want until your diamond anniversary of sixty years before swapping out a quarter carat diamond ring for something larger. Determining which anniversary is most appropriate for upgrading the ring will depend heavily on the original ring and the one chosen as an upgrade. For example, swapping out a half carat for a full carat diamond ring could make a great anniversary gift early in the marriage while upgrading from a carat to two carats would be massive change more appropriate of a long term marriage.

What Would She Prefer?

It is extremely important to consider the tastes and desires of your spouse before deciding to upgrade. While you may feel giving her a ring with a smaller diamond is somehow not worthy, the fact is engagement rings are symbols of an everlasting love which has no price. It is quite possible that your wife prefers to wear her engagement ring every day. Replacing a dainty ring with an extravagant diamond may not suit her lifestyle. If she only wears her diamonds on special occasions, upgrading could encourage her to flaunt her jewelry more often.

Budget, Budget, Budget

Just as choosing an initial engagement ring should involve budgeting, so should upgrading. While every beautiful woman is worthy of upgrading, there is no sense in going into extreme debt over a ring. You should be making smart financial decisions together. Keep in mind the expenses that you have. Otherwise, you may find yourself in need of a new hot water heater without the ability to replace one. You don’t want to be forced to pawn a gift to have a hot shower. When deciding to upgrade an engagement ring, the best advice is to plan ahead and start saving early. Focus on the gift of love and not what’s left in your bank account.

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