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Solitaire Engagement Rings: All You Need to Know

by Sa Bal
solitaire engagement ring

There is no better choice than solitaire when it comes to symbolizing devotion, emotions, and love.  Whether you choose oval solitaire engagement rings or a tiffany engagement ring, it makes an eternity piece of jewel around your band.

The exquisiteness of the solitaire center diamond is what makes it a quintessential choice for your engagement.  Timeless yet simple, a solitaire diamond is often a dream jewel of many people as it creates a classic gemstone for special occasions.    

Still unsure why the solitaire style makes the right choice for your big day?  Keep scrolling down to get the answer to your questions.

Are Solitaire Engagement Rings Boring?

Did you know most people go for solitaire when it comes to picking a setting style that creates a lasting impression? The solitaire style is the most common form of engagement setting and for good reason. In fact, solitaire is something most people imagine themselves wearing as an engagement ring on their big days.

Rose gold solitaire engagement rings, for instance, feature an elegant center diamond that stands alone in a lightly adorned or plain setting. The clarity and sparkle of the diamond is accented not by further diamonds but instead by the sheen of the copper and gold tones in the metal.  With its classic design, the engagement ring depicts betrothal for years to come.

Why you should choose a solitaire engagement ring

When You Want to Focus on Diamond

Diamonds are timeless and will remain the same in terms of elegance and popularity in the coming years. An engagement ring with a diamond solitaire is enough to steal the show on your big day. The classic solitaire setting, for instance, creates a striking and pure look. In fact, it is a distinctive symbol for the one who is wearing it. 

The single diamond sits atop an ornately designed or a plain ring, with a stone standing alone.   Remember that with a solitaire engagement ring, you invest in the diamond as compared to the ring.

Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting in 14K Rose Gold
Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting in 14K Rose Gold

It Goes with Everything

Whether you choose a knife-edge solitaire setting or a ring with a comfto fit, it is eternal and goes with everything. It is especially true when you’re not sure which ring your significant one will like the most.

A solitaire ring, in this regard, has an everlasting impact as it is a timeless beauty.  It will allow your girl to “dress up” the band with other enhancer rings or an ornate engagement band. It impeccably emphasizes the diamond in any design you choose.

Fits Style and Personality

The elegance and classic simplicity of a solitaire engagement ring is a perfect fit your fiancée-to-be’s personality and style. If she wants a diamond-laden band that complements the engagement ring yet likes something less flashy, solitaire makes an ideal choice.

What Makes Solitaire Engagement Rings Different

Since you know why a solitaire makes the best choice for your big day, let’s see its distinct features.

Solitaire setting typically features a single diamond. It allows the diamond’s brilliance to become the focal point. The diamond endures simplicity that accommodates a variety of sizes and shapes.

Round diamond, for instance, is a stunning choice for engagement rings with solitaire.  However, many women like fancy-shaped solitaires such as the oval, pear, emerald cut, and radiant. They are larger and look stunning in the engagement rings. 

Although fancy solitaires make a true statement piece, you don’t have to go for larger ones to create an impact. Moreover, intricate details and metal color are also essential elements of a solitaire’s distinct look.  They can be unique to the personal style of the wearer.

For example, a rose gold solitaire engagement ring makes for a look that is modern and vintage in feel. It has a warm metal hue that looks striking and beautiful against different skin tones.

You can add unique finishing details such as elaborate hand-engraving or use a natural-inspired setting to make a solitaire the way you want.  From details, color to style, everything of a solitaire diamond ring is up to you.

Summing Up

There are tons of engagement ring styles, but if you want something exquisite and dazzling, opt for solitaire rings.  Whether you go for a classic, solitaire route or opt for a ring with multiple designs, it allows your bride-to-be to exude her unique style.

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