How To Pick An Updated Solitaire Engagement Ring

The solitaire engagement ring is the most classic engagement setting. Typically, this ring is made out of yellow gold and features a round diamond. While this traditional engagement ring is still incredibly popular, many women wish to have something a little more unique. However, contemporary solitaire rings offer much more. From adding pave set diamonds to the band to changing the diamond shape or ring metal, today’s solitaire rings offer many more options. Check out a couple of ideas on updated solitaire engagement ring options!

The Rose Gold Solitaire

rose gold solitaireWhen it comes to ring trends, there is nothing more popular than rose gold engagement rings. This ring metal continues to rise in popularity year after year.  While many people pick rose gold for its romantic pink color, the rose gold ring also offers a simple twist on classic yellow gold. This allows women to have something both timeless and in style. Although rose gold is extremely popular, it does look different from the classic yellow gold ring. This makes rose gold settings the perfect choice for an updated solitaire engagement ring.

Unique Diamond Shapes

heart shaped diamond ringWhile swapping the ring metal is one of the quickest ways to to update a classic engagement setting, another option is to choose a different diamond shape. If you are looking for a subtle change from the round diamond, both oval diamonds and pear shaped diamonds offer similar looks. However, square and rectangular diamond shapes are growing in popularity, with the princess cut diamond being the second most popular option. If you are looking for something truly unique, the heart shaped diamond is unlike any other.

Add Sparkle and Style to the Band

updated solitaire engagement ringFinally, another great option for an updated solitaire engagement ring is to customize the band. Contemporary solitaires feature everything from pave set diamonds to split shank bands. By modifying the ring band, this gives the solitaire engagement ring new life. Plus, pave rings add a whole other level of fire and brilliance with the addition of more diamonds. Even the most classic yellow gold solitaire can be updated into a modern ring with pave set diamonds.

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